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New service and product launch offers unprecedented solution that increases efficiencies, boosts productivity and reduces building modeling costs by 70%

BIM brings together all of the information about every component of a building into one place. Project stakeholders can include information about behavior, performance, material types, costs, and more within the BIM model. Until now, this process has required a considerable amount of measurement and CAD (Computer Aided Design) translation labor to input large amounts of data into the system which can take several weeks or longer depending on the size and complexity of the project. 

3D scanning that fits your workflow

Our platform automatically stitches all your data together and lets you export your data into other platforms easily, saving you significant amounts of manual work and time. Create 3D walk-throughs and guide anyone immediately to a virtual site tour.

  • Communicate key milestones quickly and effectively by eliminating travel time and by sharing and annotating in the model to get sign-offs.
  • Perform remote inspections, measure while offsite, and reduce site visits by capturing all data the first time.
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