Why AI… Is still a lie

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Why AI… Is still a lie


For a most it’s a buzzword, for the decision makers, CMO or marketing manager it’s critical to understand.

Poll: What best defines Artificial Intelligence? (There is no right or wrong, but where it sits with you is important)

1.) Computers doing amazing human things

2.) Systems capable of reasoning and decision-making

3.) Thinking-machines that take the place of humans

4.) Your best definition:____________________________________

The fact is, true AI is just not here yet, but there are applications that have proved to be effective and the future of adaptive and responsive AI based reasoning and deep machine learning will be here before we know it, and will likely bring a societal change. Most touted AI is actually packaged combination of data analytics, predictive analytics, and machine learning; not a self responsive and deep-learning neural network that holds all the answers of the universe and marketing budget.

Simple AI is used extensively in daily life, from your news feed, to voice recognition, autonomous driving, search, spam filters, etc.. Without going too “deep” into AI elements, clients often bring up how to best integrate AI into their business. The most surface-level beyond operational oversight is the marketing side, and unknowingly, so often a company and their marketers have been forced into a belief or ignorance about what’s going on behind the scenes in the active algorithms, how that data is used and secured, and often exploited.

The wholly grail of marketing currently is attribution, platforms(and i mean all of them) are known for the scale of their data and the “quality” of their inventory(you+your behavior), and literally the millions of 3rd party platforms that shave their piece out of that pie. Platforms come and go and evolve, and some completely vanish. The inter-working of each one, is in the rawest form of data acquisition, businesses, brands, and beyond and are sold these derivative “ad solutions” as they receive metrics and data that helps prove the money in ad spend is doing, well something, anything…. And that attribution is key. It is also eroding as privacy concerns are taking the forefront of many consumer choices.

The critical thing to take away from this, is in a society that seeks and rewards attention, the most powerful elements of marketing; namely branding, word of mouth, and experiential initiatives are the most difficult to attribute sales and conversions to as they are often drowned by the vast depths of digital and that assumed cost.

In the world of analytics – the use of mass amounts of data and machine-based rules in which AI is a subset, along with machine learning. As data continues to be more available, and ideally accurate, responsive self learning neural networks could and will allow managers(humans sic) to work alongside AI-structured programs and tools that take vast data set in real-time helping us make sense of that data and make the most of our human skills, but not replace them. Imagination, design, strategy, and relationship based communication skills still reside and is our duty to improve upon.

Until these neural networks develop the relation sorting adaptation, our world is safe from the machines. It could be a long AI winter of more promises, but immediate developments likely to benefit from advances include cyber-security and healthcare, while various conversational assistants will hopefully start to become indistinguishable within basic interactions.

There’s no magic solution, as too often touted artificially intelligent, but for now spending more time on the complex strategies, interpersonal tasks, relationships, and creative works is a good start. That’s where real intelligence resides.

For the CMO or marketing manager being peppered with AI queries and hypothesis of how to integrate it, think personalization. Using the vast amounts of data available(and not in a creepy way) to seek to understand a narrow demographic and create content to engage, entertain, and inform that audience on an individual or community level. From there and only then can you even think about how an AI strategy is something to move forward with, but first….

Be the best human operator, intelligently of course.

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