Integration Examples

Blockchain & Innovation CX|XR|AR|VR

Below are a few ideas that we have tested and tweaked to improve publisher and user experience(and were open to explore more)

1.) Reader Surveys and prize entry (give-away, submissions, etc)

2.) Publisher Intro Video or V-log (Sometimes we like to officially introduce ourselves, updates, etc.)

3.) Embedded Videos or Audio Content for your client

4.) Coupons

5.) 3D – Model Studio

6.) Embedded social links, contact info, Map(directions) integration

7.) Accessibility tools (Text to voice and Voice control)

8.) Retail Immersive Showroom (Advanced option) – Using state of the art camera and imaging technology, we can recreate your virtual space for online tours, online sales channels, product demonstration, etc. We also can embed and coordinate with google maps and VR view, it is a little known secret that this greatly improves google business ratings and new user conversions. (ask for details, additional cost)